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Do you know what diseases can be transmitted from birds to humans - and how? Ever wonder how many tons of grain a flock of pest birds can eat in a month? Hot Foot has gathered a number of articles for your background information that answer these and other questions.

Bird Repellent Gels; a Factual Comparison

Many, if not most, consumers think that all bird repellent gels are essentially the same and hence price is the only difference. Nothing could be further from the truth so let's look at the facts.

Getting Rid of Swallows from Your Home

Getting rid of swallows from your home is not an easy task. Sure, swallows are beautiful to watch in flight, and help control many pest insects. But as homeowners know, they're not the most thoughtful of our fine-feathered friends.

Keeping Swallows Away During Bridge Repairs

How much does it cost to keep swallows away from bridges and other infrastructures during repair? Much less than $372,750. That's how much a Kansas contractor was fined in January 2014 after destroying cliff swallow eggs and 1,491 nests during a bridge repair project.

Roosting Birds and Disease: What You Need to Know

Where there are roosting birds, there is always the potential for disease to spread to humans. Over 40 known viruses and 60 diseases are directly associated with birds and their droppings. These diseases vary in seriousness from minor stomach ailments to fatal diseases such as cryptococcosis and histoplasmosis, which is now most common.


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