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Hot Foot bird deterrent systems are highly effective at getting rid of pest birds, and keeping them away for good - but only when installed properly. That's why we offer comprehensive resources to help you plan the right bird deterrent system for your situation including building type, bird type, and more. We also help you with installation instruction and tips, and even help you find a professional installer in your area.


You can find installation/usage instructions for all Hot Foot Products on their respective pages, or click on one of the links below:

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Product Safety Data Sheets & Product Labels

These labels can also be found on their respective product description pages:

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Hot Foot Materials Estimation

For projects large or small, we work directly with installers, building owners, and homeowners all the time to help them calculate materials ahead of time to ensure you have all the materials you need on site, when you need them. Simply contact us to arrange a free consultation or call us directly at (800) 533-8421.

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Do you know what diseases can be transmitted from birds to humans - and how? Ever wonder how many tons of grain a flock of pest birds can eat in a month? Hot Foot has gathered a number of articles for your background information that answer these and other questions.

Read our articles here.

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Hot Foot Success Stories

People like you across the United States and even around the world have had great success getting rid of pest birds - and keeping them away - using one or more of Hot Foot's long list of bird repellent solutions. For commercial or residential use, industry, government, and more, Hot Foot consistently sets the standard for humane, environmentally friendly, and effective methods of deterring nuisance birds.

Read our case studies here.

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Do You Need Help?

If you are in the planning stages of a bird deterrent system and have questions about material costing, installation, or even what Hot Foot bird deterrent solutions will work best for your situation, simply contact us for a free consultation or call us directly at (800) 533-8421.

You might also be interested in reading some of our customer success stories to see what their problems were, and how Hot Foot helped solved them.

Not interested in doing it yourself? We can also help you find an installer in your area to take care of everything from planning to installation - and the results will be guaranteed against failure.

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer trying to get rid of pest birds around your home, a commercial building owner/manager, or a contractor planning ahead on your next build, we're here to help.

Contact us by email or call us directly at (800) 533-8421.

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You've finally gotten rid of your pest birds - great! But now comes the cleanup…

That can be dangerous without the right equipment. Birds spread disease through their droppings including histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis, both of which can affect humans. According to a report on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, "Even when old and dry, bird droppings can be a significant source of infection."

Contact Your Local Health Unit Before You Clean

Your local health authorities understand the types of birds you are dealing with in your area, and will be able to give you specific details about proper handling and disposing of bird droppings.

In general though, follow these simple steps during your cleanup:

  1. Use a complete range of PPE which includes gloves, a dust mask (toxic dusk respirator mask highly recommended), protective clothing, and safety goggles. Since many infections associated with bird droppings travel as spores which can easily be transferred to clothing, it is highly recommended you use PPE and use water to wet droppings before sweeping and bagging.
  2. Thoroughly clean the droppings and surrounding area using diluted Steriliz-It. This will help kill infections before transfer and help keep the dust down, reducing the risk to you and others.
  3. Transport droppings and items covered in droppings in secure plastic bags. Avoid rips and tears in the bag to ensure no droppings or spores can escape during transport.
  4. Please note your community/county may have specific rules about disposing of bird droppings. Contact your local health unit to find out the regulations in your area.
  5. Once all feces are removed, scrub the area once again using Steriliz-It. This will help kill any remaining infections, and will also help keep birds away.

For more information, contact your local health authorities or call us directly at (800) 533-8421.

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Our Latest Catalog

Download a PDF of the Hot Foot Product Catalog, complete with ordering numbers for phone orders and material costing.

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Case Studies

Find out how other people like you around the world use Hot Foot solutions to get rid of pest birds safely and humanely.