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People like you across the United States and even around the world have had great success getting rid of pest birds - and keeping them away - using one or more of Hot Foot's long list of bird repellent solutions. For commercial or residential use, industry, government, and more, Hot Foot consistently sets the standard for humane, environmentally friendly, and effective methods of deterring nuisance birds.

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A Pigeon Oasis Causes Resident Nightmares

This Pacific Heights apartment complex was a dream location for its many tenants - until the pigeons moved into the light well bringing mess, odor, and lots of bugs. Exclusion netting wasn't going to work, so Hot Foot came up with a not-so-obvious solution that got rid of the birds for good.


Wineries have always had a romantic appeal to them, but sometimes they can attract the wrong crowd pigeons. At Mauritson Wines in Healdsburg, CA, a small flock of pigeons tried to take up residence in their crush pad, taking advantage of the structure's angled ceiling with light fittings, pipes, and conduits that gave the flock many nooks and crannies to call home.

Apartment Balconies Now Pigeon-Free Thanks to Hot Foot Repellent Gel

Tenants of a high-rise apartment complex couldn't use their balconies because they were such a mess from pigeons. With the help of Hot Foot, the building's owner was able to keep the birds away for good.

Big Industrial Storage Facility, Big Bird Problem

This storage tank facility was semi-protected from the elements, but unfortunately it was also a perfect bird habitat. However, enclosing the facility in netting wasn't an option. Read Hot Foot's custom-design solution for keeping birds out.

Bird Feces Turns Industrial Facility into Toxic Stew of Pathogens

"You're going to be shocked when you see the amount of bird excrement these guys were walking through every day. And then what was behind the walls and ceiling..."

Birds in Lights a Customer Service Problem

This major retailer attracted unwanted attention with its store sign as pigeons and sparrows built their nests in the warm, protected letters. Worse, they were making a mess of the sidewalk below. Read how Hot Foot's solution got rid of the birds for good.

Busy Rail Shed Busy with Birds, Too

A rail shed used to unload food products was also a busy area for various species of birds roosting and nesting in the girders above - and causing a mess below. Read how Hot Foot custom-designed a system to "spot enclose" roosting areas without interfering with workers.

Eco-Friendly Bird Repellents for Wineries: A Case Study

Bird exclusion and bird deterrents are crucial for the wine industry. Not only do birds love eating the grapes, bird droppings make for an unwelcome addition to the vintage... Eco-friendly bird repellents are the best ways to ensure a contaminant-free operation.

Hot Foot Electrack Bird Deterrent Protects Homeowners' Roofs from Messy Pigeons

Hot Foot offers several different bird deterrent options to address various nuisance bird problems. In this case study, we provide two different examples of how Hot Foot's Electrack bird repellent system helped remove roosting pigeons permanently, without ever harming the birds.

Hot Foot Invisi-Net Rids Residential Home of Swallows

Migrating swallows made a mess of this southern California home, nesting under the soffit, streaking the stucco walls, and causing a health hazard for kids and pets. Hot Foot helped the homeowner keep the birds from coming back. Read how they did it.

Hot Foot Repellent Gel Reclaims Sonoma County Haven for Homeowners

This home in wine country was invaded by fruit-seeking birds every year, making the yard a mess of bird droppings. But since the homeowners used Hot Foot Repellent Gel, the birds haven't returned. Read more about how they got their yard back.

Low-Profile Bird Repellents on High-Profile Courthouse

Birds roosting at this building in Northern California may have been above the courthouse, but they weren't above the reach of Hot Foot and our patented bird repellents.

Pond Protection

Researchers were losing too many fish in their study to hungry cormorants, swooping in for a free meal. Read how Hot Foot custom-designed a system to reduce the number of fish lost to cormorants down to zero - plus found a new use for this versatile netting.

Retirement Condos a Haven for Pigeons Too

Balconies on this retirement complex were invaded with pigeons, turning their beautiful outdoor spaces into unusable eyesores covered in droppings. Hot Foot had just the solution with its InvisiNet exclusion netting. Now, the birds are away and residents love that they can safely let their cats out too!

Saggy, Deteriorating Netting a Welcome Mat for Swallows

As anyone who has a swallow problem knows, once they've nested in or around your property, you can't get rid them until they fly away on their own. Swallows are migrating birds and therefore a protected species. Disturbing them or destroying their nests, if occupied, carries stiff fines.

Swallow-Proofing Bridges In Southern California

The biggest problem with planning an earthquake retrofit for these southern California bridges was doing the repairs without disturbing nesting swallows. Hot Foot custom-designed a system that not only kept swallows out, dramatically increasing the construction season, but also was resistant to debris during high river levels in spring. A swallow-friendly solution that kept the project on deadline!


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