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Hot Foot supplys a Mist Net which is specifically for the capture of Sparrows and another net which is more suited to Pigeons and Starlings, however it will also catch sparrows. The mist net for sparrows measures approximately 7ft x 33ft and has three (3) pouches. The net has a border cord threaded around the perimeter and a loop at each corner. There are also two horizontal cords used to form the pouches running across the net. All cords have a loop at each end for ease of installation. The mist net for Pigeons and Starlings measures approximately 8ft x 40ft. When pest birds fly into a mist net, they almost never hit the net at a 90 degree angle and get caught. They usually hit it at a far greater angle and lose air speed almost immediately. They tumble down the net and into the pouches where they remain until removed. So the installation of a mist net requires the pouches to be established if it is to be effective in catching pest birds. The mist net must also not be tight, but rather quite loose.


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