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Hot Foot is more than a supplier of bird deterrent products. We are bird deterrent experts, able to analyze your problem and give you solutions for safely and effectively ridding yourself of pest birds. Just call us directly at (800) 533-8421 – we'll give you advice about your specific situation, help you plan your project, and even do materials costing for you. If you don't want to do it yourself, we can help you find a Hot Foot-qualified installer in your area.

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Q and A with Hot Foot, the Bird Deterrent Experts

Q. What's the best way to get rid of pigeons?

A. Pigeons can be a problem for many homes and businesses. There are many ways to deal with pigeons, depending on your particular problem. For example, keeping pigeons out of your garage or car port might require different tactics from keeping them office balconies on an apartment building.

One of the most effective – and cost-effective – methods is using our Hot Foot Repellent Gel. Although 100% safe for the pigeons, they don't like it's sticky consistency when they walk through it. It's kind of like sucking through mud for them. Apply it to their roosting areas (after you clean and sanitize the area with Sterilize-It), and they'll quickly fly away for good. Read how Hot Foot Repellent Gel helped keep pigeons and sparrows away from one retail store's lighted sign. See Case Study - Birds in Lights

For semi-enclosed spaces, Hot Foot InvisiNet exclusion netting might be the right solution for you. This safe and effective netting is perfect for apartment balconies See Case Study - Retirement Condos as well as bridges See Case Study - Swallow-Proofing Bridges (this case study is about a swallow problem, but applies to pigeons as well).

Not sure of what will work for you? Call us directly at (800) 533-8421 and we will help find the best solution for your situation.

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Q. Can Hot Foot Repellent Gel work in non-enclosed areas? Won't it get "unsticky" after a while?

A. Hot Foot Repellent Gel works anywhere where pigeons and other small-to-medium sized birds roost and nest. That includes lawn ornaments, the tops of lights, and even exposed parapets.

But as you point out, this type of exposure means that most "sticky" repellents will get covered with dust and debris, or simply harden over time. Not Hot Foot though. Hot Foot Repellent Gel's special formula does not harden, nor does it drip – even on the hottest days. With our exclusive Crystal Coat sealant spray, you can protect the gel from dust and other debris so it lasts longer. A lot longer. We say two years as a rule of thumb, but installations lasting over 10 years are not uncommon.

Call Hot Foot at (800) 533-8421 to find out more about Hot Foot Repellent Gel and to see if it's right for your bird deterrent project.

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