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Hot Foot bird repellent gel has been on the world market for over 40 years and its formula is totally unchanged from when it was first developed. Proven and guaranteed to work, it will repel large numbers of birds from their roosts instantaneously. The unique spray coating called crystal coat protects the underlying gel from absorbtion by dust and dirt thereby extending its economic life by years and years. Hot Foot Gel is the number one proven performing bird gel on the market. Only Hot Foot repellent gel has withstood the test of time and gives proven long term protection against all types of birds to stop roosting and nesting. Sticky enough to cause panic in the birds and for them to emit distress signals that scare other birds away but not too sticky that they get stuck. No bird entanglement, no damage to the bird but the flock is gone.

Starting At $115.00
4 x 10.5oz cartridges of gel and 1 x 14oz of aerosol crystal coat.
Starting At $460.00
18 x 10.5oz cartridges of gel and 2 x 14oz of aerosol crystal coat.
Starting At $52.00
14oz aerosol can. Crystal Coat is used in conjunction with Hot Foot Repellent Gel to seal porous surfaces onto which the gel is to be applied. It is also sprayed on the gel to protect it from dust and dirt.
Starting At $335.00
Fully self contained caulking gun

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