4 x 10.5oz cartridges of gel and 1 x 14oz of aerosol crystal coat.




The Industry Standard!

Where Hot Foot leads, others follow. Hot Foot Repellent Gel with our unique chemical formula is totally different from other tactile repellents. In fact it is so different it carried a worldwide patent. Hot Foot works through its sticky nature and NOT by burning or irritation, making it a more humane - and greener - solution.

As birds try to step out of the Gel they experience the feeling that their foot is stuck, sort of like when your boots suck through mud on a wet day. Although it is extremely unpleasant for the birds, it is not harmful. But it works - the message is quickly passed along to the rest of the flock and they all take flight for a better, more comfortable roost away from your eaves, ledges, and overhangs.

No more birds!

Best of all, this commercial-grade bird repellent is still easy and safe enough for the do-it-yourselfer to use and install. Hot Foot Repellent Gel works just as well at home as it does in commercial and industrial settings.

Hot Foot Repellent Gel

  • Will not melt, run or drip even in temperatures up to 356 degrees F (180 degrees C)
  • Is opaque in appearance and does not burn the skin of people or birds
  • Is less toxic than table salt so it is safer to handle and safer for the environment

With the correct bead depth and application pattern, Hot Foot Repellent Gel will last more than two years. Download our Hot Foot Repellent Gel Guarantee.

Hot Foot also supplies a spray coating with every gel purchase. When applied this forms a dry, brittle barrier on top of the sticky repellent. This coating protects birds from entanglement and also places a barrier between the gel and the environment. Dust and dirt and other pollutants cannot stick to the gel, extending the economic life of the product.


For long-term effectiveness (in excess of 2 years) it is essential that:

  • The correct bead depth be applied.
  • The correct application pattern is made.

The surface onto which the Hot Foot is applied must be clean and dry. If the surface is clean and dry enough to paint then it is satisfactory for the application of the gel.

Cleaning should be done to remove dust, dirt, flaking paint, bird droppings etc. Take great care when removing the droppings as they can be highly toxic. Hot Foot always strongly suggests the pretreatment with its own surface cleaner called Steriliz-It prior to the cleanup process.

It is absolutely essential that existing bird nests be removed completely, otherwise the female birds will try desperation moves to return to the nest and re-infestation will certainly occur.

Under no circumstances should Hot Foot Repellent (Gel) be applied in or around existing nests and do not use the product to repel protected or endangered species.


Hot Foot bird repellent gel
  1. Cut here at the first graduation mark to apply a bead of gel to repel birds the size of Sparrows.
  2. Cut here at the second graduation mark to apply a bead of gel to repel birds the size of Starlings.
  3. Cut here at the third graduation mark to apply a bead of gel to repel birds the size of Pigeons.


Use Crystal coat spray to seal porous surfaces such as unpainted concrete, bricks, cement, tiles etc. prior to the application of the gel. If the surface is not porous such as steel, aluminum, painted surfaces etc. the pre-treating with crystal coat is not necessary. Always spray Hot Foot gel with Crystal Coat to prevent dust and dirt from absorbing the gel. One can of Crystal Coat will cover nine cartridges of gel.


Use the following chart to assist you in determining how many tracks of Hot Foot Repellent (Ge)l are needed on ledges of different widths.

Single-Sided Ledge

Width of LedgeNo. of Gel Tracks

Double-Sided Ledge

Width of LedgeNo. of Gel Tracks

Coverage per tube One tube of Hot Foot Gel will give a coverage of approximately:

  • 12'-15' x 3" against pigeons
  • 20'-24' x 2" against starlings
  • 30'-36' x 1" against sparrows



The track of gel applied at the leading edge should start 1/4" (6mm) back from this edge.

For wide ledges, multiple tracks should be applied as per diagram below.


From tools: Remove bulk product by non abrasive scraping. Then apply a product such as WD 40 to remove the residue.

From Application Surfaces: Remove bulk product by non abrasive scraping. Then apply a low volatile solvent such as mineral spirits, turps etc. Check a small area first to ensure that the solvent does not remove paint etc. Do not use paint thinners.

From Skin and Hair: Apply a non allergenic cooking oil such as olive, peanut, safflower oil and work into a creamy consistency. Then remove using a non-alcoholic detergent such as dishwashing liquid, shampoo or similar.

From bird feathers: This should not occur if Hot Foot Gel is correctly applied. First apply a liberal amount of cooking oil such as Olive Oil, Peanut Oil etc. onto the gel. This will neutralize the stickiness. Then remove the residue using a mild household washing liquid.


Dimension A : 1/4"
Dimension B: For Pigeons 3"
For Starlings 2"
For Sparrows 1"
Dimension C: For Pigeons 3"
For Starlings 2"
For Sparrows 2"
Hot Foot bird repellent gel application pattern.


  1. Beware of overhanging trees, shrubs etc. which can grow over and drop debris onto the gel. Such debris will render the application ineffective.
  2. Be especially wary of overhead, untreated surfaces where birds can drop droppings, nest material etc. onto the gel. This will also render the application ineffective after a short time.
  3. If you treat only one portion of a roosting surface, or only a few of all the roosting surfaces, then pigeons in particular will make repeated attempts to regain entry. Within 3-6 months, birds will have established an entry "corridor" into the application and a repeat application will be necessary.
  4. Surfaces which are less then 1.75 inches (4.5cm) in width are generally unsuitable for the application of Hot Foot gel to repel pigeons.
  5. Do not apply Hot Foot gel onto precious stonework, works of art or antiques, Statues etc. without first contacting Hot Foot for specific advice. Any damage can be extremely expensive to repair and under these circumstances it is best to use a physical barrier or use a suitable outdoor tape to place a non-permanent barrier between the surface and the gel.


Application rates vary considerably depending on whether you are using a ladder, boom truck etc. as much time is wasted in moving this equipment.

. With clear access to the application surface requiring no access equipment one person can apply 120ft. of Hot Foot Gel per hour using the Ezi-Flow caulking gun.


Hot Foot Repellent Gel is available in either a Four-Pack containing four cartridges of gel and one aerosol can of crystal coat - enough to treat approximately 60 linear feet x 3 inches against pigeons - or in a Professional Pack with 18 cartridges of Hot Foot Repellent Gel plus two aerosol cans of Crystal Coat, which will treat approximately 270 linear feet x 3 inches against pigeons.

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