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How To Indentify Birds


Here is a sparrow comfortably resting on a plastic spike.

If you have a bird problem and want a solution then you have to know what bird you are dealing with to choose the right repellents. Why? Because no matter who is the manufacturer there are some repellents that will only work on pigeons and gulls for example and others that smaller birds will easily defeat and you will waste your money.

If you have a problem with sparrows and starlings and you install spikes then these birds will easily defeat them and re-infest. In fact some birds can stand on spikes and even nest between the prongs.



Choose from Hot Foot repellent gel, 3/4" netting or electric shock to repel.



Choose from Hot Foot repellent gel,3/4" or 1-1/8", netting or electric shock to repel.



Choose from Hot Foot repellent gel, 3/4", 1-1/8" or 2" netting, spikes, springwire, or electric shock to repel.

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