INVISI NET (2" knotless)
INVISI NET (2" knotless)
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INVISI NET (2" knotless)

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2" x 2" knotless fire retardant netting 10 year guarantee used to deter birds the size of pigeons and larger.
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Hot Foot InvisiNet Exclusion Netting

Keep Hot Foot's InvisiNet exclusion netting between you and pest birds!

Exclusion netting or bird netting is one of the most effective way to eliminate problem birds, solving the problem immediately once it is installed. Ideal for protecting semi-enclosed structures or blocking off other areas where birds like to roost, bird netting literally places a barrier between the birds and their landing surfaces to provide 100% protection when installed correctly.

Traditionally, exclusion netting can be ugly, heavy, and at risk of stretching. That's why Hot Foot made a premium line of InvisiNet exclusion netting.

Hot Foot InvisiNet Knotless Exclusion Netting

Without a doubt, knotless polypropylene is the most superior and advanced netting for bird control available. Made from multi-strand polypropylene, knotless netting offers many advantages over traditional knotted polypropylene nets:

  • Over 70% stronger and 30% lighter than traditional knotted bird netting
  • Fire retardant to BS 5867 with a melting point that is nearly 50% higher than other nets
  • Easier to cut to size and shape - we can even do it at the factory with a turnaround time of approximately 10 days
  • Soft to the touch and does not need to be pulled into shape as do traditional knotted polyethylene nets.
  • Lighter weight means they are cheaper to transport and easier to install and can use lighter fittings to install than knotted bird nets
  • Available in sand and black.

Strong, light-weight, and durable - Hot Foot InvisiNet Knotless exclusion netting is one of the most effective ways to keep pest birds away, and is virtually invisible for better aesthetics.

Available in several sizes s Order Hot Foot InvisiNet Knotless exclusion netting and installation hardware here.

Guaranteed not to stretch or sag over the life of the netting. It's also durable with a breaking strain of 44lbs or greater, and resistant to UV breakdown - guaranteed for 10 years! Download our Netting guarantee

Hot Foot's multi-purpose InvisiNet exclusion is great for:

  • Protecting open or semi-enclosed structures
  • Wrapping large open areas where birds like to roost like under eaves and over rafters - at home or in commercial/industrial areas
  • Keeping birds out of loading docks, overhangs, aircraft hangars, warehouses
  • Shielding architectural features from nesting birds like column tops

Hot Foot's InvisiNet exclusion netting is effective against all medium-sized and bigger roosting birds - the most persistent and destructive birds. The thin netting comes your choice of black, stone to blend in better with your structure for a sleeker look.


InvisiNet application to masonry surface.
InvisiNet hardware.
  1. Take a hammer drill and drill a 13/32" hole (oversize 3/8") to a depth of 1.75". Clean out debris.
  2. Insert eyebolt (part No. EB) fully into this hole, tapping gently with a hammer if necessary and then seal using silicone to prevent water ingress. Turn the head of the eyebolt in a clockwise direction to tighten firmly.
  3. Take a tensioner (part No. TG M6 or M5) and attach the hook end to the eye of the eyebolt.
  4. Take a ferrule (part No. NF) and pass one end of the cable through ferrule, then continue this free end through the eye of the turnbuckle then back again into the ferrule and crimp firmly to make a permanent attachment.
  5. Run the cable from eyebolt to eyebolt and terminate using another ferrule. This will give you one piece of cable along one edge of the area which is to be netted. Cable should be tightened using the turnbuckle so it has about a 2" deviation when pulled with a 10-15lb. tension.
  6. Repeat cable applications to all sides of the area where the net has to be fitted. Do not over-tension as this is unnecessary and may bend the eyebolts
  7. Take a 1/4" drill and drill a hole to a depth of 1.25". Fit a Hot Foot Clip (Part No. CLIP) every 3 ft. along the cables if you are fitting 3/4" netting or every 4 ft. if you are fitting 1-1/8" netting or every 5 ft. if you are fitting 2" netting or larger. To fit the clip, clean debris from the 1/4" hole you have drilled and insert the plastic anchor. Tap firmly into the hole using a hammer. Attach clip by inserting screw provided into this anchor using a Phillips head driver and seal with silicone. The cable should be slipped into this "Clip" to prevent it from bowing when the net is fitted under tension.
  8. Attach the net to the cable on all sides by using a stainless steel Hog Ring (Part HRS) which is applied using a pair of Hog Ring Stapling Pliers (Part No. HR7). Fit Hog Rings to every alternate square of the net.


InvisiNet bird netting steel surface hardware.

For application of the InvisiNet to a steel surface, the attachment procedure is identical to Masonry, except: No eyebolts are used. Substitute a Clipset Steel (Part No. CSS; providing powder Actuated Tools can be used) or a Universal Clamp (Part No. UC) for the eyebolt in the corners. Follow these instructions:

  1. Clipset steel inserted in powder actuated tool ready for application.
InvisiNet bird netting steel surface hardware.
  1. Clipset steel is firmly attached for end anchoring of turnbuckle. It is also used like the "clip" as an intermediate fitting.
  1. If Clipset Steel cannot be used, fit a Universal Clamp as end anchor and beam clip as intermediate fitting. Beam clamps are attached to steel beams by hammering onto the beam. Do not use beam clamps as Corner connections as they do not have holding strength and will "slide" as the tensioner is tightened.
InvisiNet bird netting steel surface hardware.
  1. The Hot Foot "magnet" clamp can be used to attach small nets to air conditioners, net flaps inside I-Beams or used in conjunction with resin to bird-proof larger areas such as fire escapes.


Follow exactly the same procedure as we describe for a masonry surface however as an end and intermediate anchor, use Hot Foot Clips with sheet metal screws (Cat No. SMSC). These are packed 100 per bag and comprise the clips and sheet metal screws.


You need to establish just how solid this surface is before selecting the end and intermediate anchor to use. For solid surfaces like many types of Stucco, the Hot Foot Clip with screw and anchor (Cat No. CLIP) can be used as the end and intermediate anchor

If the surface will not accept the Clip, then you need to try the Hot Foot Clip with Stucco anchor (Cat. No. SA). Great care has to be taken in the installation of this anchor otherwise it will pull out and allow water penetration.

Place the white plastic stucco anchor onto the end of a Phillips head screwdriver and place the sharp tip of this anchor against the Stucco. Bump the end of the screwdriver handle so the sharp point penetrates the stucco up to the beginning of the screw thread.

Then, screw the anchor into the stucco until the head is flush with the surface. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. Cover this anchor with adhesive or a suitable silicone to prevent water ingress.

Place the screw provided with the Hot Foot SA through the small eye of the Clip and then insert into the plastic anchor using a screwdriver. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN because if so, you will destroy the integrity of the thread made when you inserted the plastic anchor initially.

rrespective of the mesh size of net being installed, you should fit one Stucco anchor / clip every 2 ft. and DO NOT exert too much tension on these when tightening the turnbuckles. It is NOT NECESSARY to use as much tension on stucco as you do for masonry or steel

Go ahead and attach netting in the usual way. Knotless netting is better than knotted due to its lighter weight.


For GFRC or when under instructions not to penetrate the surface, Hot Foot provides a bracket called a Universal Bracket Large (Cat No. UBL) which can be attached to the surface every 2 ft. using an adhesive. We recommend Fastbond adhesive.

InvisiNet bird netting gfrc surface hardware - UBL.InvisiNet bird netting gfrc surface hardware - UBL.
UBL as end anchor.UBL as intermediate anchor.

Clean the surface to remove all debris and flaking paint etc. Apply Fastbond adhesive to the back of the universal bracket large and press firmly onto the surface so the adhesive squeezes through the 6 holes. We strongly recommend either Fastbond or Gator Grip™ adhesives or a combination of both. Leave to dry until adhesive achieves full strength. Then run turnbuckles and cable in the usual way.

DO NOT exert too much tension on turnbuckles when tightening as it is NOT NECESSARY to use as much tension on GFRC as you do for masonry or steel.

Go ahead and attach netting in the usual way. Knotless netting is better than knotted due to its lighter weight.


Invisinet knotless polypropylene sizes:

3/4"for total bird exclusion
1-1/8"for exclusion of starlings and blackbirds
2"for pigeons and mourning doves
4"for gulls

Standard panel sizes for knotless nets:

16ft x 16ft50ft x 50ft
33ft x 33ft50ft x 75fts
33ft x 82ft50ft x 100ft
33ft x 164ft50ft x 150ft

Order Hot Foot installation hardware here.

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