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Mist nets for Bird Capture
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Hot Foot Mist Nets

Safely capture and release pest birds with Hot Foot Mist Nets - where allowed by law, mist netting is one of the most effective and humane ways to remove birds from enclosed or semi-enclosed areas.* Our microfilament nets have webbing so thin that birds fly into the nets without even seeing them. Once their flight is interrupted, they fall safely into the pouches below, ready to be removed.

Perfect for capturing pest birds in:

  • Warehouses
  • Stores
  • Semi-enclosed areas such as hangers and car ports
  • Construction sites
  • Malls

Hot Foot Mist Nets are also useful for bird capture during bird banding and similar projects. Our mist nets come in two sizes: one for sparrows and similar size birds, and one for pigeons and medium birds, which will also work for smaller birds.

*Note: Please do not leave these nets unattended! These nets are designed for capture and immediate release. For proper usage, qualified personnel must be on hand to release birds from the netting pouches and back into a safe environment. Please check local regulations before implementing any bird capture operations.

Hot Foot supply a Mist Net which is specifically for the capture of Sparrows and another net which is more suited to Pigeons and Starlings, however it will also catch sparrows. The mist net for sparrows measures approximately 7ft x 33ft and has three (3) pouches. The net has a border cord threaded around the perimeter and a loop at each corner. There are also two horizontal cords used to form the pouches running across the net.

All cords have a loop at each end for ease of installation. The mist net for Pigeons and Starlings measures approximately 8ft x 40ft.

When pest birds fly into a mist net, they almost never hit the net at a 90 degree angle and get caught. They usually hit it at a far greater angle and lose air speed almost immediately. They tumble down the net and into the pouches where they remain until removed. So the installation of a mist net requires the pouches to be established if it is to be effective in catching pest birds. The mist net must also not be tight, but rather quite loose.

For application instructions refer to the following diagrams.

This is how the mist net for pigeons looks when it is unpacked. It has 3 panels about 40 feet x 32 inches each. The objective in the installation is to create "pockets" by raising each of the lower 3 loops about 14 inches and tieing them off.

By rasing loops 2, 3 and 4 on each side, you create pockets into which birds which hit the net will tumble and be caught. Most frequently, birds which hit the the mist net are not directly entangled. They hit the net and tumble into the pockets ready for you to remove them and release elsewhere.

Mist nets are only for use in catching pest birds and must not be used for the capture of endangered or protected species. They should also not be left unattended at any time as birds which are caught should be removed and released with a minimum of delay. If correctly fitted, mist nets will cause no harm or injury to the birds.

Where multiple birds are in a facility, some will be caught but other will see this happen, recognize it as an area of danger and avoid that area. To catch these remaining birds it will be necessary to either move the mist net or install multiple nets in the diversion path of the birds. In facilities where steel roof joists are exposed, it may be necessary to block these temporarily to force birds to divert their flight path to go under them and hence into the mist net.

Mist nets should be placed in the traditional and regular flight paths of birds and not near shelving etc where they land.

For specific advice contact Hot Foot on 1 800 533 8421 oremail.


Hot Foot Mist Nets come in two models and several sizes:

  • Mist-40 Mist Net - 8ft X 40 Ft, Four-Pocket
  • Mist-20 Mist Net - 8ft X 20ft, Four-Pocket
  • Mist-100 Mist Net - 10ft X 100ft Four-Pocket
  • Mist-40p Mist Net - 10ft X 40ft Four-Pocket For Pigeons
  • Mist-20p Mist Net - 10ft X 20ft Four-Pocket For Pigeons

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