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Getting Rid of Swallows from Your Home

Getting rid of swallows from your home is not an easy task. Sure, swallows are beautiful to watch in flight, and help control many pest insects. But as homeowners know, they're not the most thoughtful of our fine-feathered friends. They attach their mud nests to just about any surface, though the stucco seems to be their favorite. The mud they use to make their nests streaks, leaving a stain on the side of the house that is almost impossible to remove. On top of that, their droppings are scattered everywhere.

Your problems will likely grow too as swallows will return to the same building year after year and bring with them the latest additions to their flock, doubling or tripling the mess.

What makes getting rid of swallows difficult is that they are migratory birds, protected under U.S. and other international laws. That means once they've moved in, they can't be moved out at will - you have to wait until they leave their nests, a period of about four months. They're fast little workers too, with the capability of building a nest from scratch to laying eggs within a few days. Go away for the weekend, and you could find yourself sunk!

In other words, it's better to keep them out in the first place.

That's where Hot Foot, the bird deterrent experts, comes in. We've developed a special line of our InvisiNet exclusion netting specifically for smaller birds like swallows from nesting on the side of your home. We supply all the fittings you need to easily install that net - you can put it up and leave it there or take it down and reinstall it year after year.

How Hot Foot InvisiNet Exclusion Netting Works Against Swallows

Swallows prefer to build their nests under your roof's overhang where the soffit meets the wall, and other areas where a vertical wall meets a horizontal overhang such as under window frames or balconies. Not only does this provide some protection against the wind, sun, and weather, it gives a 90-degree anchor point for their nests.

The nests themselves are made from little balls of mud that the swallows build up and out from the wall along the soffit, forming an almost sideways-beehive kind of structure. Mud often splatters during the building process too, so the mess isn't limited to just the upper reaches of your home. Their frequent entering and leaving the nest for food results in the regular accumulation of white, acidic excretions on your home and the ground below.

Hot Foot InvisiNet disrupts the building process in two ways. First, the netting itself prevents the swallows from getting to the most choice spots on your walls. Second, even if the birds were to decide to move down the wall a bit, they no longer have the overhang for a crucial anchor point or have protection against rain and adverse weather. Chances are the birds will not even attempt to build there... they'll just fly away to find a better spot to make their home.

As the name implies, InvisiNet is designed to be extremely low profile so that it will be near-invisible from ground level, once installed. (Even those eagle-eyed homeowners that do see it will admit it's better than brown streaked mud and fecal matter down the walls...!) Your home will be safe and protected from swallows for years and years - all without harming the birds in any way.

Installing Hot Foot InvisNet to Keep Out Swallows is Easy

Hot Foot provides step-by-step instructions [Link: InvisiNet Installation Instructions page] to help homeowners install the InvisiNet exclusion netting themselves. We provide everything you need from the netting itself to anchors and hardware to affix to any surface. Call us at (800) 533-8421 and we will even help you do a materials assessment so you know exactly what you need, and how much of it before you climb that ladder.

Not really interested in doing it yourself? Hot Foot can also put you in touch with an installer in your area.

Need Advice on Getting Rid of Swallows? Need an Installer?

Getting rid of swallows is hard; and it's illegal once they've moved in. Keeping them out though is easy with Hot Foot.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you get rid of your swallow problem for good! Email Hot Foot or call us directly at (800) 533-8421 for installation tips or for help finding a Hot Foot installer in your area.

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