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CASE STUDIES > Hot Foot Invisi-Net Rids Residential Home of Swallows

Hot Foot Invisi-Net Rids Residential Home of Swallows

Installation Details

Property:Residential Home

Material used: Hot Foot InvisiNet exclusion netting
Hot Foot Sterilize-It sanitizer


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Residents in a fashionable neighborhood in northern California loved everything about their home - except the fact that it happened to be at the very end of a swallow migration route. Every year, the swallows would return, taking a special liking to their two-story house. They would build mud nests under the eaves on the top level, dripping all the way down the stucco in a brown-stained eyesore. Worse, bird dropping also streaked the walls and splattered on the pathway below - not a great play area for kids or pets!

They didn't want to harm the birds (these swallows were a protected species in any case) but they also didn't want to put up with the unsightly and unhygienic mess either. Hot Foot had exactly the right solution.

Once the swallows had their chicks and moved on, the homeowners hired a crew to start the cleanup. The abandoned mud nests were washed away using a pressure washer, along with the stucco walls and walkways. The ground below was also sanitized to ensure any infections left in the bird droppings were eliminated.

Then, a contractor installed Hot Foot's Invisi-Net exclusion netting. This fine, beige-colored net completely covered the space under the eaves, blending in with the stucco so that it was nearly invisible from ground level - certainly more invisible than the mess the birds were leaving behind. (In fact, anyone studying it from the pathway below might think the Hot Foot Invisi-Net was naturally part of the architecture.)

It worked - the following year, the homeowners were 100% swallow-free as the birds went on to find a more suitable nesting site so that their home stayed tidy, and their kids and pets stayed safe.


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