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CASE STUDIES > Hot Foot Repellent Gel Reclaims Sonoma County Haven for Homeowners

Hot Foot Repellent Gel Reclaims Sonoma County Haven for Homeowners

Installation Details

Property:Residential Home

Material used: Hot Foot Repellent Gel
Hot Foot Sterilize-It sanitizer


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Ah, wine country! You don't have to be a wine drinker to imagine living in this paradise in the heart of the vineyards. Unfortunately, as one homeowner in Sonoma County knows all too well, it can also be a haven for a wide variety of birds attracted to the fruity grapes. It was a feathered free-for-all with birds roosting and nesting on his awnings, downspouts, window ledges, and anywhere else the southern Californian sun shone. That meant bird droppings everywhere on the house, pathways, lawn ornaments, and exterior light fixtures in the yard.

The homeowner called Hot Foot to find out what we could do to help. We connected them with a certified technician/installer in his area, who quickly came up with a solution: Hot Foot Repellent Gel.

This was the most effective solution because it (literally) covered every spot the birds wanted to roost. Netting wasn't practical for open areas, and spikes are only effective at deterring larger birds like pigeons. But Hot Foot Repellent Gel could be applied to any surface, using a thin bead in a short-wave pattern to keep even the smallest birds from making a big mess.

Best of all, Hot Foot Repellent Gel and its exclusive formula can withstand the elements. Even in the high summer temperatures of up to 107 degrees, Hot Foot Repellent Gel does not run or drip. It's also long lasting, in this case protecting each surface it was applied for over a year.

Within a day, the installer had come in to clean and sanitize the area and apply the Hot Foot Repellent Gel. Now, with a relatively small investment, these Sonoma County homeowners can enjoy their little piece of wine country - without the bird droppings!


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