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CASE STUDIES > Hot Foot Electrack Bird Deterrent Protects Homeowners' Roofs from Messy Pigeons

Hot Foot Electrack Bird Deterrent Protects Homeowners' Roofs from Messy Pigeons

Installation Details

Property:Residential Home

Material used: Hot Foot Electrack system


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Products used during installation

Hot Foot offers several different bird deterrent options to address various nuisance bird problems. In this case study, we provide two different examples of how Hot Foot's Electrack bird repellent system helped remove roosting pigeons permanently, without ever harming the birds.

We usually associate pigeons with downtown urban areas: nesting in elaborate cornices, roosting on cement ledges, and fouling bronze statues of our celebrated heroes. Truth is, pigeons can be a nuisance for homeowners as well. Pigeons don't much care if they are surrounded by the most ornate marble or the most basic asphalt shingle. Any quiet, protected area to nest close to food or water is an oasis for pigeons.

Take these homeowners, who are in obvious need of some type of bird repellent. They decided to "go green" by placing solar panels on their roof to reduce their electrical bill. Problem was, the panels inadvertently created a nice little nesting area for pigeons. As you can see by the white streaks along the roof and flashing, bird droppings were becoming a problem. The fecal matter would literally roll down the roof, off the eaves, and onto the pathway below. What a mess!

Homeowners in San Francisco had a similar problem. Their neighbors were feeding a flock of pigeons daily. After the feast, the birds would then fly over to sun themselves on our clients' roof. Every morning, the homeowners would wake up to the incessant coo-coo-cooing of these unwanted upstairs tenants.

As you can see from the photo above, the pigeons liked to roost primarily along the front edge of the roof. Not only were the roosting birds an eyesore, they left an unsightly mess on the balcony.

However, their habitual roosting spot was also the key to the solution. We recommended installing our Hot Foot Electrack bird deterrent system along this leading edge.

The Electrack system repels birds by giving them a small shock using an extremely low-amperage current any time they step on the track. The track itself is comprised of an earth and a charged conducting wire, so that anything connecting the two wires (such as the foot of a pigeon) triggers a slight electrical shock. These tiny zaps last for only a fraction of a second, and are about as powerful as getting an electrostatic shock from a doorknob - unpleasant but not dangerous. Successive zaps occur several seconds apart, giving the birds plenty of time to leave before the second "notice to quit" is delivered. Rest assured, by that time the message is clear!

The system uses direct current, not alternating current, so it's a totally safe bird repellent solution for any living thing that touches it, including any homeowners that come into accidental contact. This particular system is powered by a 6-volt rechargeable battery connected to a solar panel recharger.

So how does this bird repellent clear them away from the roof completely? Why don't they just move away from the edge, or choose a different part of the roof? Perhaps disturbing their roosting area is enough to make the pigeons nervous about the whole area. Perhaps they're creatures of habit (which we know that they mostly are...) and don't like change. If you had an electrified track in your living room that you couldn't remove, you'd likely want to find a new place to put your feet up, too!

Whatever the reason, the birds do fly away to find a more relaxing home - ironically in this case, to the roof of the neighbor who was feeding the birds - making Electrack the great bird deterrent that it is.

The picture above shows the two thin lines of Hot Foot Electrack along their old roosting area. The track is invisible at ground level from most angles - its ultra-low profile sits less than a half-inch high. Yet it was an instant success. About one month later, we contacted the homeowners to see if any pigeons had come back. Here's what they wrote:

Hi Roger,

It's hard to tell the exact effect on the pigeons... because I HAVEN'T SEEN A SINGLE ONE ON MY ROOF since the track went up!!! Wonder why that is??? Seriously, the system is working great, that's no coincidence! Thank you for letting us sleep in mornings in peace.

By the way, do you think you could e-mail me copies of the photos the installer took before the installation, and the ones he showed me of the installed system? I'd like to have them for my scrapbook and to show friends the before-and-after.

Thanks Again,


Electrack Bird Repellent Helps Tiburon Homeowners

At a second location in the beautiful Bay-area suburb of Tiburon, a homeowner had pigeons roosting all along the edge of his roof, which overhangs his balcony. Pigeon poop was falling down onto his deck and furniture requiring regular (and unpleasant!) cleaning and maintenance.

Once again, we recommended the Hot Foot Electrack bird repellent system, which was installed along the edge of the parapet. Normally, you might need to hire an electrician to install a waterproof outlet on the roof. However, as in the example above, we installed a closed system powered by a rechargeable 6-volt battery connected to a solar recharger. This was placed in an inconspicuous part of the roof hidden from view yet able to receive plenty of light on a clear day. (While solar systems work well in direct sunlight it is actually not necessary for them to receive sun, especially in lower latitudes; bright light is sufficient to charge such a small battery.)

The entire bird deterrent job was completed in less than a day at a cost of approximately $1,500, and backed by our two-year guarantee on parts and labor.

Today, the birds are all gone to new roosting grounds and the homeowner can enjoy his balcony in peace (and cleanliness...) - all thanks to the Hot Foot Electrack system.

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