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Unlike old-fashioned, rope-like nets which are ugly in appearance and heavy in weight, InvisiNet is lightweight yet so strong it carries a 10 year guarantee. It is pre-stretched in our factory under 9 tons of tension and at a temperature which exceeds boiling point so it will never stretch or sag over the life of the product. Today, InvisiNet remains the standard to which all others hope to achieve. Available in black, stone and white and in any size or shape.

Hot Foot America markets both the advanced, knotless polypropylene invisinetâ„¢ netting and the traditional invisinetâ„¢ knotted 12/6 polyethylene netting. Knotless polypropylene is without doubt the most advanced , superior netting for bird control available.

Unlike nylon nets, Hot Foot nets are all guaranteed never to stretch or sag over the life of the net.

Made from multi-strand polypropolene, knotless netting offers amazing advantages over traditional knotted polypropolene nets.
Hot Foot knotted polyethelene nets are manufactured from the highest grade polyethelene fiber, having 6 individual strands of 12 denier wound together.
Application Hardware
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SKU: E6100-testing
Starting At $112.00
Highly sticky initially makes it perfect for adhering spikes, springwire posts and electrack mounting clips to all surfaces.
SKU: FP-testing
Starting At $108.00
4 x 10.5oz cartridges of gel and 1 x 14oz of aerosol crystal coat.
SKU: MT-6057-testing
Starting At $495.00
Repeating Sparrow/Starling Trap
SKU: RSV1-testing
Starting At $56.00
Single Stainless Steel prong bird repelling spike, 20ft per case with snap off sections every 1.5". Protects up to 2" of surface.
SKU: S-IT-testing
Starting At $99.80
Powerful sanitizer that is EPA registered for sterilization. Used in clean up of bird fecal matter and to destroy odors that also attract birds to the site. Essential for human protection during clean up (50 5 gram tablets per bottle mixed with water Makes 3 gallons ) 3 Bottles per pack

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